What is AdsApp

AdsApp is an advertising app on which you can receive adverts in the form of digital flyers with notifications from various brands (AdsApp Partners) directly on your device
Some adverts are static images whilst some can be clicked to link you to external websites such as online stores where you can make purchases or redeem vouchers & coupons etc.
View the ads immediately when you get a notification or in your own time by scrolling through the timeline

Simply install the FREE app from the Google Play Store and start receiving content from 100s of your favourite brands

Become A Partner

Advertising through SMS and Email is so yesterday.
Are you still trying to squeeze your message into a 160 character text SMS?
Are your emails still ending up in your clients spam folders?
Still outsourcing people to advertise your brand on social media platforms?
Well its time you started advertising on an advertising app . . .adsapp!
Advertise on adsapp in the form of digital flyers posted on the app along with notifications.
Beautifully displayed in a timeline that you can scroll thru at your leisure and in your own time right on your mobile device.
Some ads are static images and some can be linked to external websites such as online stores online image galleries, online catalogues and much more.
Dont wait for you potential buyer to pass a billboard or pick up a newspaper or magazine or turn on the tv or radio,
reach them on the one thing everyone holds so close to them . . their mobile devices

Almost everyone has smartphones today, the rest will get theirs tomorrow!



Pay As You Post - R500 per post


1 post per month - R200pm
2 posts per month - R300pm
4 posts per month - R400pm
Debit Order Only!

Prices include artwork - Valid till 30 Sep 2018
Ts & Cs Apply